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Grilles on the cars and trucks are not just aimed to protect the radiator and other important parts from impact, but is also an important styling element of the vehicle’s exterior. While OEM grilles are pretty much identical for the same year, make and model, modern aftermarket offers a variety of options for those, who are looking for more distinctive appearance. Aftermarket grilles differ in shapes, materials, installation types and prices. So no wonder there is a number of grilles available to meet the needs, budget and expectations of American car owners.

Best American Made Billet Grilles

 T-Rex Billet Grilles


Billet Grilles- Refined classic design;
- Made in the USA;
- Made from premium stainless steel;
- CNC cut then polished to a beautiful finish.
Carriage Works Billet Grilles

Carriage Works®

Billet Grilles- Will perfectly meet your needs;
- Outperforms competitors;
- Made in the USA;
- Manufactured with quality in mind.
rbp billet grilles


Billet Grilles- Designed to boost the appearance of your truck;
- Will help illuminate what lies in front of you;
- Double woven mesh and RBP iconic studded edging;
- Elaborately designed to replace the OE grille.
Putco Billet Grilles


Billet Grilles- Constructed from stainless steel;
- Hidden mounting system - no exposed bolt heads;
- Putco NeveRust™ Lifetime Warranty;
- Made in the USA.
Westin Billet Grilles


Billet Grilles- Form fitted mesh grille;
- Outer grille frame features torx head accents;
- Bolt-on installation no drilling required;
- 5-Year Warranty.
street scene billet grilles

Street Scene®

Billet Grilles- Ensures a precision fit;
- Patented clip-on system;
- All necessary hardware included;
- Carries a one-year warranty.
spec-d billet grilles


Billet Grilles- Custom designed for each application;
- Most grilles made from rugged, durable ABS plastic;
- No modifications to your vehicle required;
- Made in the USA.
rugged ridge billet grilles

Rugged Ridge®

Billet Grilles- Protects grille area from cosmetic damage;
- Protects radiator and/or A/C condenser from damage;
- Comes with mounting hardware and instructions;
- Made in the USA.

When you see the words "Made in the USA", it’s more than a product. It’s a lifeline for the American manufacturers. A lifeline for the brands that keep America moving.

Buy American!

Billet Grille: What is NOT Included?

Normally, billet grilles are car grilles that feature vertical or horizontal bars. They are made of aluminum or alloys, as the material pretty much depends on the manufacturer. When you shop for billet grilles, make sure to check, what is included into the package. That’s because the majority of aftermarket billet grille manufacturers do not ship grille shell and emblem along with the grille. The same story with the grille emblems. Some aftermarket grilles are designed to work without the emblem and even do not have a place to mount one. Some grilles note, that they are designed to work with the OE emblem. It is uncommon for an aftermarket grille to come equipped with an emblem, and the majority of sellers will say that in their product descriptions.

Billet Grilles: Installation Types

It is obvious, that grille installation will differ based on year, make, model and specs of the vehicle. However, there are several common grille installation types. They install pretty much the same way, so it is good to check out the generic installation instruction in order to know, what to expect once you get the product. Here are the most common grille installation types.

  • Replacement grilles;
  • Overlay grilles;
  • Grille Skins.

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