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Tired of that stock front fascia of your Toyota Tacoma? There is an easy and cost-effective way to change it. Think of getting a custom billet grille and refresh the exterior of your vehicle. There is a variety of custom grilles available online, and the price starts from $50 and goes up to several thousand dollars. Of course, there are many factors that influence the price of a billet grille, just like any other product on the market.



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Factors that influence grille price

  1. Material. There are many materials grilles are made of. A plastic snap-on grille is the easiest way to jazz up the exterior of your Toyota Tacoma. One-piece aluminum grilles are also relatively inexpensive. When you pick stainless steel with polished exterior or go with a custom-painted grille, get ready to pay more.
  2. Design. There are many grille designs available for your Toyota Tacoma. Billet, mesh, laser-cut are just some of the options you can find online. The more sophisticated and custom the grille design is, the more expensive it’s likely to be.
  3. Brand. There are many quality grilles that will not break the bank. Think of APG, ACC or certain other US brands that offer hundreds of grilles at fair prices. Pay attention, though, that as a rule, these inexpensive grilles do not contain a grille frame. If you pick one of these guys, you will be using a new grille with a stock frame. Mid-priced yet quality and nice grilles are offered by T-Rex and E&G Classics. These two brands offer many custom grilles. If you are looking for something exquisite, look at Diamond Grilles, DJ Grilles, and certain other manufacturers that offer a truly custom approach. Though, get ready to pay a higher price for the custom product.
  4. Finish. When you pick a simple polished aluminum billet grille, this upgrade for your Toyota Tacoma is not likely to break the bank. However, if you are looking for a custom satin finish or more expensive coating, the grille will cost more. As a rule, polished stainless steel grilles are more expensive, than black powder coated ones. However, stainless steel grilles are backed up with a better warranty, than the powder coated ones.
  5. Origin. If you think of getting a purely US-built grille for your Toyota Tacoma, keep in mind, that it will cost 30 – 50% more, than the similar grille made overseas and delivered to a US-based shop. The price difference is usually not because of quality or materials. It is more expensive to run a manufacturing facility in America than outsource manufacturing process overseas.

There are many grille designs for the Toyota Tacoma offered by different manufacturers. Just check Amazon or any digital or physical store, and you will be offered many choices to select from. Here are the most popular grille styles for your vehicle.

The best grille styles for Toyota Tacoma

  • Polished aluminum billet grilles. This is the most popular grille style, as it not only looks custom but is more affordable than the other options.
  • Black powder coated mesh grilles. These grilles look aggressive and add that sinister look to your vehicle. Match such a grille with a set of custom headlights with black housing to further customize the front fascia of your Toyota Tacoma.
  • Wire mesh grilles. These grilles add that exquisite touch to the front end of your vehicle. By adding such a grille you will get that VIP touch to your Toyota Tacoma exterior.
  • LED grilles. Let’s be honest, not everyone likes built-in LEDs. But those, who do will definitely appreciate this aftermarket upgrade and will benefit from custom accents.
  • Grille overlays. This is the overlay piece that simply snaps over the OE grille of your Toyota Tacoma. This kind of grilles is the easiest one in terms of installation. It requires zero modifications, no tools, and no technical skills to install.


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