How to Install a Grille Overlay

Installation of grille overlay is pretty simple and does not require any special skills or very specific tools. The main thing you need to remember when you are installing a grille overlay is to be careful in order not to break anything in the process. Also, it is a good idea to prepare all the tools and let your vehicle cool down in case you have driven it not to touch hot parts during the installation.

A PRO Tip: When selecting a grille overlay for your vehicle, pay attention to the color, especially if you are shopping for it online. Note, that the original (factory) grille will be still visible in the gaps between the grille overlay bars/mesh. If the factory grille is chrome and you pick a black grille overlay, chrome will still be visible. So it is a good idea to select an overlay that will match, or pick a spray paint (gray or black) and paint the factory grille before installing the overlay.

To install a grille overlay, you will need

  • Time required: around 45 minutes;
  • Tools required: wrench, screwdriver.

Grille Overlay Installation Instruction

  1. Take all the hardware that comes in the kit and see, which bolts and nuts you will need to install the grille. The majority of manufacturers normally provide way more hardware, than you will need. That’s because they supply the same hardware for different applications.
  2. Remove the grille from the vehicle. Grille removal procedure may slightly differ based on the vehicle application. But overall, the process is pretty much the same. Normally, there are 10 bolts that attach grille to the vehicle. There are 6 bolts holding the top edge and 2 bolts on each side. Once you do that, you will be able to take off the grille.
  3. Installation of some grille overlays requires removal of the emblem. So, this step is optional.
  4. Next, check the way the grille overlay fits over the original grille. To do that, you will need to pre-fit the overlay and see, whether it fits right. You may need to bend some tabs to make sure the grille fits inside the shell properly.
  5. Get to the back of the grille overlay and install the threaded studs into the tabs.
  6. When the studs are installed, center the overlay in the grille shell and make sure the studs go through the original grille. When the grille is centered, place the six flat powder-coated brackets and secure them with lock nuts.
  7. Install the grille with the overlay installed on top of it.